Anthem of the Daughters of Shining Harmony


Make us gracious, make us true,
Fill our hearts with honor too,
Let us show the Nations we belong to you:
Our Lady of Harmony.

Fill our hearts with sister-love
All about us and above,
Let us serve forever the Eternal Dove:
Our Lady of Amity.

Though the road be long,
We’ll continue on
By the light of thy shining Truth;

And the love that binds
Both our hearts and minds
Shall make joyful our golden youth.

Let us strive for good success,
In modesty and gentleness,
For to you we cannot ever offer less:
Our Lady of Harmony.


Our Lady of Harmony Obviously refers to Sai Thamë (Ouranya is a name of Sai Thamë as the shining Heaven), the mistress of Harmony and the Golden Order.

However, we should also note that the formula “Our Lady of…”, in both Herthelan and Tellurian contexts has a dual meaning, for it denotes at once a particular Janyatic (Angelic) Form and her oneness with Dea Herself. Thus, Our Lady of Harmony is at once Sai Thamë, and Dea under Her Aspect as the Head of the Golden Order of Being.

Our Lady of Amity in the second verse, of course refers to Sai Sushuri in the same Supernal context. Sai Sushuri is the sister of Sai Thamë, and it is often said that one cannot speak of one without the other. Thus the transition in the second verse is a natural one.

Fill our hearts with sister-love naturally refers to the Amity that binds all those sisters who gather under the holy Flag. Amity is the fundamental principle of an intemorphic world, the very life-blood of our people. From an invocative point of view (and this song does have an invocative power), the call is to Sai Sushuri both as Love Herself and as Sister to Sai Thamë.

“All about us and above” refers both to the love among ourselves as sisters on the same “horizontal” plane and those who guide us from the holy Motherland “above”.

Let us serve forever the Eternal Dove: The Eternal Dove is primarily Sai Sushuri, but the Dove is also a symbol of both God the Mother and God the Daughter as you will recall from the words of the Filianic Service:

Great Dove of the waters that have brought forth the world from the matrix of Your being

Dove of the sacrifice that are crushed beneath the heel of death that You may come as our Saviour

Once again this underlines the nexus of the Divine and the Angelic implied in the formula “Our Lady of Amity”.

“Our Golden Youth”. All of us in Chelouranya are scholars, learning and growing. All of us, in the words of Scripture, come to Dea “as little children”. In a sense, “youth” is a term that may be applied to maiden-life as a whole, since our birth into incomplete being takes place, ultimately, for the sole purpose of learning to become complete.

In concluding these remarks, I would stress that, while the side-notes are helpful for understanding the full meaning of this song, its fundamental thrust is the invocation of Order, Comeliness and Diligence for those who have the honor to follow the Path of Sai Thamë and Sai Sushuri, as true children of the Empress and of Our Mother God.

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