Innocence: the natural condition of maid

The Light of InnocenceInnocence, in modern patriarchal societies, is equated with ignorance. Children can be innocent, but when we grow up we are no longer innocent. We are surrounded by foul language, cynicism of every kind, and sociologists tell us we are living in an “increasingly sexualized society”.

Most people seem happy with this, but for some of us this is just not how things should be. We know we belong to a different kind of world. A world in which innocence is not something we lose as we grow up, but the right thing for people of any age.

Many things combine to make people believe that innocence is something we must lose as we grow up. One of them is the belief that human beings are actually animals rather than spiritual beings. This belief became mainstream toward the end of the Victorian era and led to a new view of people as essentially “sexual” beings, a new idea promoted by early psychologists such as Freud and now accepted as an indisputable fact of life by almost everyone. The love of beauty and all the spiritual aspirations of maid are not (according to this world-view) our heritage as essentially spiritual beings but “sublimations” of our animal urges.

We do not blame only these relatively recent developments of the last century or so for the lack of innocence in patriarchal societies. Such societies have always practised torture, betrayal, and all kinds of horrors upon their own kind. Perhaps cynicism has always been somewhat justified in their world. Frankly we don’t know and it is not our concern. We belong to a world in which childlike innocence is fundamental. It is not ignorance: it is goodness.

If this is the sort of world you feel you belong to – if you feel lost and alienated in a world of coarseness and cynicism – then you may be one of us.

Many girls feel their innocence has already been lost. That once we “know” or have “done” certain things we can never return to innocence. Herthelani believe that innocence is the natural and true state of maid and that we are able to leave behind the taint forced on us by a deeply besmirched society. And yes – even if you “voluntarily” tainted yourself it was forced on you. The pressures to conform to the coarse norms of this society are enormous, and they can shock and distort some girls into going even further than the society demands. This is not your fault, and if you know inwardly that all this coarseness is alien to you, you have both the ability and the right to purify yourself and put all that behind you.

Chelouranya’s mission is to provide a safe and kind feminine haven where we can breathe in an atmosphere of natural innocence, untainted by the excesses of the late-patriarchal world. A world that runs on kindness, harmony, and amity rather than “sex” and cynicism.

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