Faith and Spirituality

faithHerthelani are a fundamentally spiritual people because we do not believe that the world is purely material. We know that the seven great Angels rule every aspect of life, both human and natural.

At the most basic level we believe that the universe is much more than the particular physical level perceived by our five biological senses, and we believe that the fundamental intelligence of the universe – being intelligent – is not a “force” (as some modern “spiritual” people say), which, however powerful it might be, would make it less than the least intelligent being alive. It is clearly something akin to – but far greater than – a Personality. Finally, we believe that intelligent life is fundamentally feminine, and so we believe that the Divine is by nature feminine, as indeed all Tellurians seem to have believed before their patriarchal era.

So, we believe in a fundamentally harmonious universe and in the Divine, which is inherently feminine. We do not use the word “goddess”, because that suggests something secondary to a male “god”. We use the fundamental name of the divine in most Western languages in its original feminine form: Dea.

Does this mean we are a religious group? Well, Sai Herthe is a whole world. Like any world it contains a variety of people. Some are very religious, some are not religious at all. You don’t have to be religious to be a Herthelan. Our fundamental world-view is not so much “religious” as metaphysical, but religion certainly exists in Chelouranya and is a great blessing to many of us who crave a true religious and spiritual community but are equally alienated by the patriarchal religions and the new-age and “feminist” pseudo-religions.

Most of us would say we are Déanists, that is, believers in the one supreme Mother God. We also believe in Her Janyati (angels). Some of us are Filianists, believing in the ancient mythos of God the Daughter (you can see what Filianists believe here). We do not necessarily believe this mythos to be “literally” true. Indeed the whole notion of “literal” truth in spiritual matters we would attribute to late-patriarchal materialism. For example, what would it mean for the story of the creation of the world to be literally true? Such a myth is presented as if it were a description of events in time and space when in fact it is showing how time and space came into being and cannot possibly really have been a set of “events” in time as we time-bound creatures understand them.

Hear the Story of the Creation:

It is the same with the Daughter-Mythos. We understand that we are dealing with a mythos of great depth that communicates spiritual truth to us in ways that are of great benefit to our souls and bring us closer to our Heavenly Mother. There are things too profound to be expressed literally, for “the Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao”.

How far a Daughter of Shining Harmony is religious – and whether she attends online Services – is entirely her own affair; but even those who are not actively religious may feel more secure and real in a world where faith is a backdrop to the social order. Chelouranya is not just role-play. It is what we believe.

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