Elegance is, in a way, the complementary principle to Innocence. While on the one hand the neo-patriarchy robs us of the right to be innocent and pure – the childlike virtues that are proper to all ages – it also robs us of Elegance: the essential dignity and loveliness of femininity.

According to the “rules” of the new patriarchy, we can be sloppy and casual, or we can be glamorous in a “sexy” way. What we aren’t encouraged/allowed to possess is elegance, neatness, non-sexualized glamor.

In other words we are denied both the innocence and purity of our child-natures and the dignity and beauty of true feminine adulthood.

Childlike eleganceThe extent to which a Herthelan maiden may wish to exhibit high elegance as opposed to innocence will vary with each individual, but we should remember that the two are complementary and not opposed. Dignity and elegance can apply even to the most childlike style, while innocence and purity can apply to even the most sophisticated.

The same dark alchemy that robs modern femininity of both innocence and dignity at the same time can be reversed to combine elegance and purity.

Indeed, we would argue that purity and dignity are two sides of the same coin. Once purity and modesty are lost, the essence of true dignity is also lost, and once that essential dignity is lost, real feminine elegance (as opposed to a showy counterfeit) is impossible. It is no coincidence that in Western Telluria the two were lost from the culture at the same time.

Now, we need to make two things clear. First: we are not saying that Telluria’s past was better than its present. In some ways it may have been, in other ways not. That isn’t the point. The point is that it has lost something very vital, something that matters to us, personally, a great deal. Second: we are not in any sense “campaigning” to restore to Telluria what it has recently lost. That is no part of our mission. We come from a very different sort of world in which men play no part. Whether anything we say is relevant to a male/female world (and if so, in what way it is relevant and what ought to be done about it) is not our concern. We are trying to explain our world, and, if you are one of the very few maidens who is looking for it, to invite you.

To us the twin pillars of elegance and innocence are fundamental to feminine being. If you feel the same, you will understand us and you may be one of us. If you don’t, don’t worry. These pages aren’t for you.

Lolita Elegance

We said that once purity and and modesty are lost, real dignity and therefore true elegance become impossible. However, purity and innocence can be regained, so please don’t think that you are shut out from your true feminine heritage. If you really want to reclaim it, you can.

Part of the mission of Chelouranya is to create a sanctuary where innocence and elegance, both made virtually impossible by the current Tellurian world, are happy norms within a sheltered and nurturing world.

One final point: Herthelan innocence and elegance has nothing to do with the so-called “modesty movement” in Telluria which wishes to hide the feminine form. From our point of view this is just another manifestation (this time a negative one) of the over-sexualized nature of patriarchal society.

Of modern Tellurian manifestations, our sensibility would probably come closest to something like the Japanese “Classic Lolita” style. Cuteness and exuberance are as much a part of our ethos as dignity and purity!

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