Who are we? Basic questions

ChelouranyaWhat is Chelouranya?

Chelouranya can be literally translated as “Shining Celestial Harmony” or “Golden Order of Heaven”. It is a Protectorate in Telluria founded by the Nevcaeran Empire of Sai Herthe.

What is Sai Herthe?

Sai Herthe is our Motherland — an all-feminine (intemorphic) world. The Nevcaeran Empire is a current descendent of the ancient Caeran empire founded by Sai Rayanna, the daughter of the Sun.

What is the purpose of the Protectorate?

The Caeranyi — the children of the Caeran Empire and its descendent civilizations — have always been daughters of Light and valiant warriors against the powers of Darkness. Sai Rayanna, the founder of the Empire, freed our world from an invasion of demons.

We are children of Light and Harmony. We believe in amity and innocence, so you can imagine how strange to us is the cynicism, coarseness, and disharmony of a schizomorphic world.

Recently a number of our people have become scattered in Telluria, incarnate in human bodies. Our primary mission is to create a sanctuary for our people who often feel very lost in the harsh environment of a late-schizomorphic world. We are also open to exiles from other intemorphic worlds and also to those who are may be actual Tellurians or may be unsure (it can take a while to find out anyway). If the Motherland feels like home to you, you may find sanctuary under the flag of this Protectorate.

 So who is welcome among the daughters of Shining Harmony?

Maidens who share the ideals and values outlined in this introduction are welcome to come to Shining World and interact with us. We always welcome questions and discussion from sincere maidens who share our basic ideals.

Clearly Shining World is not for everyone. Probably a majority of people in West Telluria are actively hostile to the ideals of innocence and harmony, preferring individualism, toughness, cynicism, s*xuality etc. Many girls are happy with Telluria and that is fine. We are here primarily for our own people and also for the small number of Tellurian maidens who are really seeking something gentler and more lovely than the world around them.

And of course we are an intemorphic community which naturally will only appeal to a small minority of Tellurians.

Then what is your message to Telluria?

Our message to Telluria is that we have no message to Telluria. Telluria is what it is. The Motherland is what it is. And we, the Chelouranyi, the Far Caeranyi, children of the Motherland far from home, are what we are.

The Imperial Protectorate of Chelouranya not here to change an alien people, but to provide a kindly nest for our own lost maidens, and also for those few non-Herthelan maidens who find themselves lost in a late-schizomorphic world and long for harmony, innocence, and Light.

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